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  • One size fits all: hot socks, suitable for men and women. It is also a good idea as a creative gift for Christmas, birthday and Christmas Eve, because it is suitable for most people. For example, old people, people afraid of the cold, people afraid of the cold, this pair of warm socks can let you send out a warm winter
  • Battery heating socks: The heating socks are equipped with 2 batteries, and the heating time is up to 5 hours. The battery on this electric sock can be easily disassembled, and it is perfectly hidden, which does not affect the beauty and does not need to handle additional weight.
  • Easy to use: use of heating socks. You just need to correctly plug the connecting cable at the sock end into the link buckle at the battery end. If the charging pool is insufficient, you can use the USB plug to store power just like anywhere
  • Warm and safe: The heating element of the battery heating sock is made of specific insulating material, so you don’t need to worry about the heating safety. Uniform and comfortable heating can make your feet feel warm in the cold winter, and no longer cold and stiff.
  • Necessary warm gifts in winter: mobile heating socks can be worn indoors as carpet socks in winter to enjoy the comfort and warmth of decompression. You can enjoy fishing, camping, snowboarding, hunting, hiking, skiing, snowboarding and outdoor work to keep your feet warm in winter. Therefore, it is a thoughtful gift for parents, friends and family.

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The hand warming tools for camping in cold winter are also warm and intimate daily necessities necessary for heating the car in winter. When you take it, you will love it. Choosing outdoor tools for lovers is also a proof of warm love in cold winter. Heated fingerless gloves let your other half feel the temperature of each other. For those who are afraid of cold, this is also a winter piece. Gloves with constant temperature can also be worn indoors at – 40 ℃. You can also take it with you when you travel. You can feel the cold and warm winter

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